Tubs for Bath Renovations

When it comes to acrylic tubs, there are numerous options available to fit every client’s specific needs.

Tub Bathroom Renovation

Tub Bathroom Renovation

There are many styles that are the standard 60” x 30” and can have different types of hydrotherapy systems, or ordered as a soaker.  Corner tubs aren’t just 60” x 60” any more…corner tubs can come as small as 48” x 48”!

Hydrotherapy is playing a bigger part of the renovation plan.  Most people are familiar with the term “whirlpool” when it comes to therapy in the tub, but “air” is very quickly becoming the popular choice.  Whirlpool can penetrate a specific spot and air gives an all over massage.  For some, the freedom to combine the two systems is very appealing as well.

Tubs can be installed in an alcove or dropped in to a deck.  Alcove installation requires a tiling flange, and most styles have that available.

A style that appeals to many clients is a “stand alone” tub.  Some are in a clawfoot design, or a slipper tub, others are a podium style.  With these tubs, more space is required around the tub for freedom of movement and cleaning.  Hydrotherapy is an option, even with these styles.

While a client is working with an Aqua-Tech consultant, discussing what the client’s needs are helps the consultant find a solution that is perfect for the renovation.

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